Practice of Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship?
What is behind the form and the name of entrepreneurship? 

During this event you will meet a different approach of what is entrepreneurship.

Together we will investigate how you get in touch with your identity, your mission statement - what drives you in your activities - in order to attain an entrepreneurial attitude that draws resources from yourself - what we frame as your “ME Ltd.” 

This attitude we define as free, autonomously responsible and serviceable.

Behind entrepreneurship in the deepest sense we find a certain attitude towards life. The attitude of a creative nomad who is always ready to adapt to the environment or to change course when the conditions have changed.

How many times can you start, re-organise, burn it, start over again, organise it again, still not good, … without being too attached to what came before?

The goal of this event is to connect these nomads. We will dive into different situations that allow us to reflect and discover more deeply our own landscape: what is behind ‘my form’? 

Unpredictable situations we propose will allow us to meet clearly our habits of thinking that get in the way from living and acting from our true nature and potential. 

We will present an introspective and dynamic environment that will foster self-observation and creative exploration: moving to see more again, to move out of our habitual perspectives and attachment.

You enter the event without a clear vision of what is your story, your landscape and you will leave the bootcamp with a clearer understanding of how you can learn to discover deeper who you are:

your “ME Ltd.” which will be the deciding factor on your path of integrating your story in the way you live as an entrepreneur.