The Coach who Changed Himself

A life coach in his old age was taking a look back on his life. Seated in his chesterfield chair with a Cohiba cigar in his mouth he told his story to his friends:

“When I was a young boy I was full of fire. After graduating from business school, I got my first corporate job at a consulting agency and worked really hard. Unfortunately I burned out because I neglected my personal health. After a recovery period of one year, I knew I became aware of a valuable lesson. So my new goal was to awaken the whole corporate world with this lesson I learnt.

“One day during the middle of my life, I woke up in the morning and realised that already half of my life had passed by and that I had to admit to myself that I had actually changed no one. So I decided to follow a mindfulness course to give me the missing tool to change those that were near and close to me and who needed my help so much to change their life.


“Today, I am a venerable man and my aim became much simpler. Every morning I look into the mirror and wish for the strength to at least change myself.”

Olivier Goetgeluck